2002 450 foreman

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2002 450 foreman

Message par JoeClark » 2017/10/27 02:33:32

Hello Everyone,

I'm new to this site but am hoping someone can help. I had new timing chain, guide, and tensioner. I took it out for a whole weekend it worked great. Got it out the next weekend was working good, shut it off in the woods then wouldn't start. Now it will only run for 15 min or so and shut down and won't start unless you put hand over the muffler. And engine get very hot very quick. Was told it could have jumped timing or be the valves. Hope someone can help

Any Idea , Suggestions would be appreciated,


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References:http://www.hondaforeman.com/128-foreman ... reman.html

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Re: 2002 450 foreman

Message par HiOctane » 2017/10/27 20:22:13

Check first if your valves clearance are within specs, .006 on both side.I dont believe your cam out of alignment ,he would'nt even start.To check if your cam timing is ok without pulling out engine,remove timing hole cap on R.H. side to see timing marks ,remove spark plug . Use a screwdriver touching top of piston.With somebody else is turning engine by SLOWLY with the pull rope, the "T" mark on flywheel should be facing the casing mark side,as piston reaches TDC .


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