Trail Riding Question.

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Trail Riding Question.

Message par Relic » 2012/02/12 01:02:12

First, I am from Newfoundland. I have been riding ATV for the last 25 years. Recently I have gotten into riding dual-sport motorcycles. On the ATV trails of Newfoundland motorcycles are allowed.

Looking through various websites I notice that for Quebec ATV trails they don't allow the use of dirt bikes (yes, they are annoying!) or OHV's. What are the rules concerning dual-purpose motorcycles? If I do a trip to Quebec sometime, I would much prefer to ride the trails than pavement. Are there other trails that can accomodate me?


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Re: Trail Riding Question.

Message par jackrabbit » 2012/02/14 09:58:10

You can ride in Northern Quebec in Crown's land, some northern clubs also allow Euduros (no motocross though).
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