How to choose a nickname on the forum

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How to choose a nickname on the forum

Message par jackrabbit » 2002/09/19 20:48:38

Please, register, it will be easier for you to get answers if you have a nickname on the forum. First of all, set the board language to English. It is the bottom box labelled Langue du forum on the main page. Just select English and click on Aller. If you are already registered, go to your Profile, change the board language (Langue du forum) and click the Submit button (Envoyer).

To register as a member, just click on Register (top right), then fill in the blanks and click on the Submit button. Within a few minutes, you will receive a confirmation Email with a link to the forum. Click on that link (the first time only) to go to the forum then, click on Connection, type in your nickname and password (turn on the checkbox) and click on Login. Now, simply bookmark the current page as an entry point to the forum, your nickname will be used everytime you post a message.

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Message par Montreal Joker » 2002/10/26 17:03:44

Salut jackrabbit, thank you for having me be a part of your BB as a moderator.


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