Riding Double

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Riding Double

Message par williammspencer » 2015/11/25 15:30:55

I just moved to Que from Ont. I have a Honda 420 ATE with a single seat. To take a rider can I simply buy a seat that attaches to the rear? Does the rider have to be above a certain age? Do I have to take any type of course? thanks in advance, Bill

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Re: Riding Double

Message par yan_svt » 2015/11/25 17:55:46

Hi William,

You can't ride a Atv made for 1 person without following a course, you can find the information on the FQCQ website.


You will need to install a passenger seay on your Atv too. For the passenger age, I think the passenger need to touch the pedle when his back is support by the seat.
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